I read.  A LOT.  It all started when I discovered the Sweet Valley High series in the 3rd grade.  I have been hooked ever since.  I blame Jessica Wakefield.

I decided to take my love of reading and create a site geared toward women that publishes real reviews written by real people.

If you share my passion for reading mostly mainstream chick books with the occasional serious read mixed in, you will have probably found yourself a victim in the following scenario:  You are done with your latest book and are looking for your next book.  You somehow end up on Amazon, because their “if you liked this you will like this” feature is actually pretty good, and honestly, you don’t know where else to go.  You find a few books with 3/5+ stars with promising storylines.  Before deciding, you read a few of the reviews.  Inevitably, you come across a scathing review. Even though you know it was written by either a book snob (i.e. someone who truly loves and appreciates Tolstoy) or some pathetic, bitter woman leaving in the middle of nowhere, you can’t help but be slightly less enthused than you were a minute ago.  You decide to move on and browse some more.  Not that it really maters, since the so called reviews had so much detail that you already intimately know all of the characters, as well as the beginning, middle, and surprise end of the story.

After a while, you become frustrated and give up.  You text a friend or go on Facebook and ask for recommendations from people you know are normal.  Problem solved.


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