“The Secret Keeper”, by Kate Morton

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The Secret Keeper Review

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Read it, or save your time? One of Kate Morton’s best novels. It’s kinda long but def worth the time. And the ending is absolutely mind blowing.

What’s it about? 1960’s: Sixteen-year-old Laurel is having a leisurely afternoon at her family’s English countryside home when she sees her beloved mother Dorothy commit a shocking crime. A crime to which she never admits to having witnessed, and of which she never breaths a word to anyone.

Present: Dorothy is dying, and Laurel knows she must discover the truth about that fateful day before it’s too late. As she starts digging into her mother’s past, she is taken back to London 1941, amidst the bombs and uncertainty of the Blitz…

1941: A beautiful, young Dorothy (aka Dolly) is working for a great lady in a grand house, but knows she is destined for bigger things in life. She is in love with Jimmy, a handsome, struggling photographer, but when she befriends the wealthy, stunning Vivienne Jenkins, emblematic of all her hopes and dreams, she knows she must keep her two worlds from colliding.

As a dazzling story of hopes, lies, and betrayal unfold, you will never foresee the shocking end that Morton masterfully weaves in.

Reviewer’s Note: IMO, this is not really a WWII historical fiction novel. The war acts as more of a backdrop for an intriguing piece of fiction.