“Beautiful Ruins”, by Jess Walter

beautiful ruins
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Beautiful Ruins Review

Overall Book Rating: 4.5/5

Read it, or save your time?  Artfully written, yet easy to read: a truly winning combination.  To top it off, an original storyline appropriate for all audiences.

What’s it about?  It is 1962 and young Pasquale Tursi (such a lovable character) has dreams of Americans and foreigners one day frequenting his tiny hotel in a beautiful, yet speck of a village on the Italian coast.  However, when a stunning famous Hollywood movie actress motors into his cove, the course of this life is changed in ways he before could only deign to imagine.

Flipping between the past and the present, the you will be taken inside the glamour and deception of old and new Hollywood, through complex relationships and choices, and failed ambitions and second chances.

Reviewer’s Note: Stingily short description, but there are so many cool and interesting storylines and characters, I didn’t think I could do them all justice.  Plus, I didn’t want to give too much away.  Just read it!