“First Comes Love”, by Emily Griffin

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First Comes Love Review

Overall Book Rating: 3.5/5

Read it, or save your time?  I was torn about this one…I sort of hated on it for the first few chapters, but it definitely got better as the story progressed and the characters developed.  Predictable yet satisfying ending. Overall, Griffin’s ability to create, understand and articulate real problems, both trivial and serious, has not waned, so if you are a fan and looking for something quick and easy, add it to the list.

What’s it about?  Sisters with very different personalities, Josie and Meredith have had more than their share of blowout fights growing up.  However, when their enigmatic brother Daniel, a Yale medical student and the ‘golden child’ of the family, dies in a tragic car accident at age twenty five, their already fraught relationship becomes further strained, and the course of both of their lives are dramatically changed forever.

Meredith, the more serious and introverted sister, is living in NYC and pursuing a career in acting (two personality traits that seem opposing to me and really annoyed me throughout), but after the accident, ends up going to law school, marrying Nolan, Daniel’s best friend, and buying her childhood home.  She does so because she thinks it will make her devastated parents happy, but fifteen years after the accident, she begins to wonder if any of it has made HER happy.

Josie, the more social, glass half-full sister, had always dreamed of getting married and starting a family, but finds herself thirty seven and single.  When her ex’s daughter ends up in her class, old feelings are stirred up and she makes a bold decision – to have a baby on her own via a sperm donor, defying the old adage ‘first comes love, then comes marriage’, blah blah.

Reviewer’s Note:  There are definitely a few surprises along the way but despite best efforts, none felt monumental.  Overall, a very well-written but average book.