“The Other Boleyn Girl”, by Philippa Gregory

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The Other Boleyn Girl Review

Overall Book Rating: 5/5

Read it, or save your time?  Of all of the books I have read about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, this is by far the most compelling.  Assuming you have any interest in the subject, after reading this, you will find yourself wanting more.

What’s it about?  Everyone knows the basics of the story…Henry VIII is married to Catherine of Aragon…after a scandalous divorce he marries Anne Boleyn…shortly thereafter, Anne is beheaded.  But there is so much more to this fascinating story.

The Other Boleyn Girl, rich in detail, tells the story of Mary, Anne’s lesser known sister, nothing more than a pawn in her family’s endless ambition for the crown, and vividly depicts the glamour, scandal, and intrigue that filled every dark corner of the Tudor court under Henry VIII’s reign in 16th century England.

Reviewer’s Note: Fun fact: Henry VIII had SIX wives: he divorced two, one died of natural causes. two were beheaded at his behest, and and the last one miraculously survived.  Can’t make this stuff up.  Movie was subpar but worth watching to help with the withdrawals you will experience after finishing.

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