“The Perfect Mother”, by Aimee Molloy

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The Perfect Mother Review

Overall Rating: 4/5

Read it, or save your time?  A page-turner filled with an unforeseen yet slightly subpar ending.

What’s it about?  Modern-day Brooklyn:  Four women and one man, coined “Token”, join May Mothers, a group for pregnant women and new parents that meet once a week to share the joys and misery of parenthood.  Most are struggling to adjust to life with a newborn, especially Winnie, the mysterious, single beauty of the group.  When they a plan a ‘mom’s night out’ at a local bar to let off some steam, Winnie doesn’t want to leave her son, Midas, with a nanny she hardly knows, but reluctantly agrees.  When she returns home, the police are at her apartment and baby Midas is missing from his crib.

The May Mothers are guilt-ridden and devastated, and as the story of ‘Baby Midas’ gains national attention, and the police botch the investigation, they do some digging of their own.  As hidden pasts and dark secrets come to light, there are no shortage of suspects, including Winnie herself.

Reviewer’s Note:  All of the May Mothers are strangely obsessed with finding Midas, as well as with being the ‘perfect mother’, and really all need to chill out a bit!