“Crazy Rich Asians”, by Kevin Kwan

Overall Rating: 4/5

Read it, or save your time?  I had to jump on the bandwagon, and so should you.  Fun and hilarious, this novel takes you deep inside an unimaginable world of wealth and glitz, and introduces you to a whole new Asian culture and stereotypes that are apparently a real thing.

What’s it about?  Rachel Chu is a young Asian-American with a successful career as an Econ Professor in NYC.  After dating the handsome, intelligent, unassuming Nick Young for two years, he casually suggests they go to Singapore to meet his family and attend his best friend’s wedding.  Upon arrival, Rachel is floored to find Nick’s family is beyond ultra-wealthy…in fact, they are, well, crazy rich.

Unprepared (so not cool Nick!) and greeted by a never-ending slew of extravagant, gossipy, audacious family members, including Nick’s overtly disapproving mother, Rachel is overwhelmed. As she tries to navigate the overly privileged, private-jet-flying-world Nick (apparently Singapore’s most eligible bachelor) is from, you will find yourself cracking up and rooting for her.  And if one more person asks “which Chu family she is from”, she might freak out…

Reviewer’s Note:    There are an absurd amount of characters introduced in the beginning, which Kwan attempts to help you navigate via a family tree, but disregard.  You don’t even really need  know who half of them are, so just keep powering through, and the important characters will reveal themselves and stick with you in due time.


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