“The Couple Next Door”, by Shari Lapena

Overall Rating: 4/5

Read it, or save your time?  A quick read with a cast of shady characters offering a series of surprise twists and turns.

What’s it about?  When their babysitter cancels at the last minute, Marco and Anne Conti leave their six-month-old daughter home sleeping while they attend a dinner party at their neighbor’s townhouse.  With the monitor on, and them taking turns checking on her every half hour, it’s a foolproof plan…right?  WRONG.  When they get home, they find an empty crib and their daughter vanished seemingly without a trace.

The parents are immediately suspected, but it’s also possible it was a random crime.  As Detective Rasbach’s investigation unfolds, a series of secrets, lies, and adultery come to light, all exploding into a surprise ending.

Reviewer’s Note:  Geez, what a twisted family.  Not one normal one in the bunch so don’t expect to actually like any of the characters.


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