“The Woman in Cabin 10”, by Ruth Ware

Overall Rating: 4/5

Read it, or save your time?  I was super into it. Very entertaining and suspenseful read but a little farfetched, so if you are able to not take it too seriously, I highly recommend.  If you like more realistic thrillers, take a pass.

What’s it about? When Lo Blackstock, a travel journalist, is assigned to write about the maiden voyage of a small, elite ship headed to the Norwegian Fjords, complete with a finely crafted list of VIP passengers, she is thrilled… what can possibly go wrong?  Um, well, she can see a woman being thrown overboard in the middle of the night.  And then no one can believe her.  But if it never happened, then why has no one seen the Woman in Cabin 10?

Reviewer’s Note:  This is a classic, fun guessing game of “who done it”.  Everyone onboard is a possible suspect.  You might want to take a Xanax as the suspense builds and sh!t starts to get crazy.


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