“The American Heiress”, by Daisy Goodwin

Overall Rating: 4/5

Read it or save your time? As evident by the rating, I clearly enjoyed it, but WOW, some people really hated on it. My advice is if you like books about 19th century English aristocrats (think Downtown Abbey), go for it, but if you need crazy endings, lots of twists and turns, and a villain, don’t bother with this one.

What’s it about? Cora Cash is beautiful, spirited, and absurdly wealthy – to put it in perspective, her family’s home in Newport rivals that of the Vanderbilt’s. However, like many rich Americans of the time, her family yearns for a title, and so Cora and her mother travel to England in hopes of finding Cora a husband. Not farfetched since by the 1900’s, many of the British aristocrats were struggling to afford their aging estates and did often married wealthy Americans.

After a chance meeting with the handsome Duke of Warehem (Ivo), Cora thinks she is in love, and they marry quickly. It is pretty clear he is only in it for the money, but nevertheless Cora is optimistic.

Thrown into the life of the British aristocracy, where proper etiquette and decorum are of the utmost importance, Cora is completely unprepared, and the unwelcoming English are all too happy to point out her faux pas. As Ivo becomes increasingly withdrawn and disconnected, and a shadowy past begins to surface, Cora struggles to find her place in society and happiness in her marriage.

Reviewer’s Note: Definitely could have been a tad shorter, and don’t expect great things from the end. Just engross yourself in the time period, which is well depicted and really comes to life, and you will love this book as much as I did.


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