“The One and Only”, By Emily Griffin

Overall Rating:

Read it, or save your time? I am really torn about this one.  If you are a fan of Emily Griffin (think Something Borrowed and Love the One You’re With), I think it is worth a read, even though it is def NOT her best.  It is quick and easy, and engaging on some level, but there is particular story line that I found a little creepy.  Plus, there were a lot of football details that I could have done without.

What’s it about?

Shea Rigsby is thirty-three-years-old and has lived in Walker, Texas, a small college football town, her whole life. Like most others in the town, she has lived and breathed football since she was a baby, and not only did she go to college at Walker, but has spent her entire career as the school’s athletic director.  Growing up with her best friend, Lucy Carr, whose Dad is the beloved Walker football coach and town legend, only intensified her passion of the game.

When Lucy’s mom dies of cancer, the whole community is devastated, and Shea begins to re-evaluate her life and the sheltered, safe world she has created for herself.  Vowing to make some changes, she begins exploring new paths, but her faith is tested when she discovers not everything and everyone are always what they seem. She also makes some seriously questionable romantic decisions along the way…

Reviewer’s Note: Please message me your thoughts on this one!  I am very curious to see if others agree with my assessment.


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