“Chasing Harry Winston”, by Lauren Weisgerber

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Read it, or save your time?  This is the quintessential light read.

What’s it about? 

It’s about three best friends who live in NYC and lead fabulous lives.  However, like all fabulous girls in chick books, they have internal struggles  that need to be addressed.

Adrianna is a gorgeous Brazilian who lives off her wealthy parents and spends her time going to fabulous parties and seducing rich, successful men.  However, as she nears thirty, she begins to fret her beauty and charm are fading, and that perhaps her mother is right – it might be time to settle down once and for all.

When Emmy, a petite, adorable brunette, gets dumped by her a-hole, cheating boyfriend of five years, she is devastated.  All hopes of an engagement now down the toilet, her friends convince her she needs to start “getting out more”, aka sleeping with foreign, random men.  Having only slept with three guys before, she finds the thought terrifying, but decides to give it a shot.  Hilarity ensues.

Leigh, a successful book editor, seemingly has it all; a great career, a brand new NYC apartment she purchased herself, and a gorgeous, loving boyfriend who happens to be an ESPN sportscaster.  Only when she is assigned to edit the book of the infamously pompous and brilliant Jesse Chapman does she realize that perhaps she is not as happy as she thought.

Reviewer’s Note: This book will be especially appreciated by my fellow New Yorkers, who can really commiserate with Leigh’s anxiety brought on by the incessant “click-clacking” noise of her upstairs neighbor’s shoes, Emma’s tiny five floor walk-up studio apartment that she shares with her pet bird who calls her “fat girl”, and girls nights out that range from dinners at the Waverly to takeout and Grey’s Anatomy on the couch.


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