“When Life Gives You Lululemons”, by Lauren Weisgerber

Overall Rating: 5/5

Read it, or save your time?  Love.  This book is everything it was intended to be: easy, entertaining, and hilarious.  Pack it for your next holiday.

What’s it about?  Emily Charlton, after leaving her job as Miranda Priestly’s assistant at Runway (yep, the same character from the Devil Wears Prada), is a well respected and established stylist and image consultant to the stars.   However, when she starts losing clients to much younger, more digitally savvy competitors, she knows she needs to step up her game.  She didn’t bust her ass at Runway to end up obsolete!

Despite her disgust of the suburbs (borrrrinngggg), she ends up hiding out in affluent Greenwich, Connecticut with her best friend and mom of three, Miriam.  Miriam used to be a high powered attorney in New York City, but has recently left her career to focus on her kids.  She attempts to embrace the life of a wealthy, suburban housewife, but unsurprisingly struggles to fit in with the botoxed, Lululemon wearing crowd.

At the same time, Miriam’s friend Karolina, a beautiful, sweet ex-model, is in the middle of a nasty separation from her husband Graham, an overly ambitious US Senator, who has publicly humiliated her in order to further his career.  Through Karolina, Emily sees a chance to simultaneously right two wrongs, and sets out to restore Karolina’s unfairly tarnished reputation (and show the world what an a-hole Senator Graham really is), and prove to Hollywood that tweeting millennials are no match for the seasoned, polished Emily Charlton.

Reviewer’s Notes: I blew through it in a week, and so will you.  Emily Charlton continues to be a hilarious character who is not to be messed with, and I love that Weisgerber was able to keep her vibrancy alive in something other than a bad sequel.


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