“All We Ever Wanted”, By Emily Griffin

Overall Rating: 2/5

Read it, or save your time?  Meh.  Your time could be better spent…like cleaning your fridge or doing laundry.  A little harsh, but I just don’t think the plot was substantial enough to warrant a whole book.  Read the ‘What’s it about’ below and decide for yourself.

What’s it about?  Nina, her husband Kirk, and their son Finch, a high school senior, recently came into a lot of money and live privileged lives in a wealthy area of Nashville.  Nina is clearly uncomfortable with their newfound wealth, and worries how it is affecting the attitudes and actions of her husband and son.  When Finch is accused of taking a picture of a fellow classmate in a compromised state (think passed out with a little boob action) and sharing it with his friends, the mother (who is a little self-righteous for my taste) is appalled, and a series of uneventful events are set into motion.

Reviewer’s Note: Don’t let this deter you from reading some of Griffin’s other books, most of which are amazing.


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