“What Alice Forgot”, by Liane Moriarty

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Read it, or save your time?  Not my favorite but def worth reading.  Accept it for what it is and you will enjoy it.  This book is exactly what it seems: a cute, light read.  However, it will also make you think about the person you once were, currently are, and may become in the future.

What’s it about? 

Alice Love is a thirty-nine-year-old stay at home mom with three children and is in the middle of a divorce when one morning she falls and hits her head at the gym.  When she comes to, she thinks she is twenty nine, pregnant with her first child, and madly in love with her husband, Nick.  She has no recollection of the last ten years of her life.   As Alice struggles to get her memory back, she comes to realize that she is NOT the same person that she remembers (aka her twenty-nine-year-old self), and naturally has a hard time accepting the reality of what her life has become.  She cannot understand why she is so thin and has a closet full of designer clothes, why she yells at her children and husband so often, and why her sister doesn’t seem to like her very much (the sister’s infertility and jealousy is a side story that honestly I could have done without but that’s just me).

Throughout the story she struggles to get her memory back, but as she finds out, and as we all know, some things in life are just easier to forget.

Reviewer’s Note: I found her internal struggles relatable, especially with regard to love and forgiveness.


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