“Once We Were Brothers”, by Ronald H. Balson

Overall Rating: 5/5

Read it, or save your time?  Truly one of the most amazing books I have ever read. A must-read for everyone (even my annoyingly picky husband loved it).

What’s it about?  An elderly man, Ben Solomon, accuses  well-respected billionaire philanthropist Elliott Rosensweig of being a Nazi SS officer during WWII.  He claims Rosensweig, who he once considered a brother,  betrayed his entire family and committed atrocious crimes.   Although Solomon’s accusations are largely dismissed as the rantings of a crazy old man, Solomon gets a lawyer and sets out to expose Rosensweig.  The question remains throughout the book…is Ronsesweig guilty, or not?

The story flips between present-day Chicago and Nazi-occupied Poland, as told through Solomon’s recollections.   The best parts of the book are by far the flashbacks, where you really get a vividly haunting look into Jewish life under Hitler’s regime.

Reviewer’s Note: The story is told in a fluid, easy manner that sucks you immediately.  If you don’t love this book, you may want to go see the Wizard and ask him for a new heart…it is truly touching.


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